Define Your Personal Life goals


What can a life coach do for me?

A life coach can support you in solidifying your vision of your future and help you move toward your goals. Transitional Coaching is led by the clients personal life goals as defined at the intake interview.  By building a relationship with my clients, I help them stay motivated and moving toward their long term far-reaching goals. 


What kind of commitment do I need to make?

Essentially the commitment is to yourself. I am here as accountability partner and support. Transitional life coaching is here to remove stresses from your life and add a dimension of satisfaction, and confidence that naturally fosters a relaxed happy life. Go Higher has a package that fits your lifestyle and personal life goals.


How do I get started?

The first step is to schedule an introductory session. In that session, we will get an idea of how well we work together and what our next steps should be from here. It is not necessary to have any personal life goals, many of us go from year to year without a vision of where we truly want to end up. I am here as your life coach assist you in uncovering what is waiting to be defined. You lead the process. Transformational life coaching is a gentle easy process that removes so many underlying stresses from your life.